About Us

Kehillat Yisrael is a Messianic Congregation in Sherwood, Arkansas. We celebrate the Messiah and the Judaism He represented. We observe the principles of Torah. We do not label ourselves a Messianic Jewish Synagogue since our founders and most of our congregation is not Jewish. It is our belief that the Jewish Messiah is for all mankind, and if His salvation message is for all mankind then the principles (Torah) that He used to govern His life are for all mankind as well.

Our Leadership


Say Hello to Joe

Joe Towles is our President, Worship Leader and Pastoral Care "go to guy". He also serves as our cantor leading our congregational prayers and blessings. You'll not meet a kinder soul this side of Heaven.

See and hear Joe lead the congregation in the Aaronic Blessing

Have a cup of coffee with Mike

Mike Steinbeck is the second member of our Leadership Board, keeping his ear to the ground, his nose to the grindstone and his shoulder to the plow!  A workman worth his wages.


Sit down and chat with Judy

Judy Thornsberry is the third member of our Leadership Board. She is a long time member of the congregation who is always willing to listen and share her knowledge and experience.